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札幌芸術の森  Park of events > Finished : Kanjiki Walk 2023

Park of eventsFinished : Kanjiki Walk 2023

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Put Kanjiki (traditional Japanese snowshoes) on, and enter a world of shimmering snow! 

 Promotional Videos 

Click on the image to watch the video on our official YouTube Channel.

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Promotional Video “Kanjiki Walk” Explanatory Movie “How to put Kanjiki on”



From Saturday, January 7 to Sunday, March 12, 2023

*Closed: Every Monday (Except on January 9 in which cases following Tuesday is closed.)

Opening Hours

9:45-15:30 (Last admission 15:00)


Sapporo Sculpture Garden, Sapporo Art Park


Art Park Center Office

*Prior reservation is required for groups of 10 or more people.

Rental Fee

Kanjiki set 500JPY per person

*Rental free of charge for elementary schoolers and younger. Please check below for more information. 


(Sapporo Art Park Management Section)


*This event may be cancelled due to weather or snow conditions.

*The Kanjiki set includes rubber boots free of charge. Boots are sized between 22.5cm and 28cm, and are available in limited numbers. 

*Visitors are allowed to use their own boots. However, please be aware that the surface of boots may be damaged as a result of friction with the kanjiki’s rope.

*Plastic Kanjiki are available for children in elementary school or younger. Children whose shoe size equals or exceeds 20cm may use them. Children whose shoe size is under 20cm will enjoy the walk in just their boots.

*Due to limited quantities, we cannot accept group reservations for plastic Kanjiki for children.

*If you are bringing your own snowshoes, please make sure to inform the Art Park Center Office. Stocks and ski poles are not allowed.

*Very cold weather is expected. Please come in warm clothes.

*Be careful in a head. A branch and the snow of the tree may fall.



How to Enjoy Kanjiki Walk


雪の中の彫刻の画像 kanjiki-risu

Experience Art in the Winter Sculpture Garden
Sculptures reveal a unique snowy appearance in the snow field. Some usually inaccessible routes are accessible with Kanjiki. Let’s go on a search for unexpected sceneries.

Meet with the Wildlife
Many unknown residents of the Sapporo Art Park live in the Sculpture Garden. You may encounter on your path a squirrel, fox, or rabbit. Footprints left on the snow are the perfect topic for children’s independent study during winter vacation. Footprint sheets are available for those interested.

枝にとまるコガラの画像 子どもアトリエの画像
When leaves have completely fallen in the Sculpture Garden, it is the perfect time for birdwatching! You can observe perching birds such as the varied tit and the japanese tit. Binoculars are rented free of charge at the Art Park Center. Take this opportunity to look for cute wild birds!
Rest at the Children’s Atelier
When tired from the Kanjiki Walk, please have a rest at the Children’s Atelier located inside the Sculpture Garden. You can have a warm drink. There is a vending machine with snacks.


Latest news can be found on the following social media accounts.

公式フェイスブックへのリンク画像 公式インスタグラムへのリンク画像 公式ツイッターへのリンク画像

Finished : Kanjiki Walk 2023

Exhibition period: Jan.7(Sat) - Mar.12(Sun),2023


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