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Sapporo Art Park


Sapporo Art Park opened in July 27, 1986, and endeavors to create a new forum of arts and culture for the Northern region. In 1999, the park completed a 15 year, 3 stage process of renovations.

SAPPORO ART PARK symbolizes Sapporo as an artistic and cultural city. Its purpose is to cultivate unique new culture in Sapporo and create an environment in which the city, the arts, and culture exist in harmony with Sapporo’s natural beauty.

The Sapporo sculpture garden, Sapporo Art Museum and Craft Hall feature permanent exhibitions of sculptures from Japan and abroad in vast grounds that look different each season. Our projects throughout the year focus on planned exhibitions in these venues, musical and theatre productions and performances, and educational projects teaching arts and crafts (pottery, dying, weaving, woodworking) and block prints.

We also rent out our workshops and other facilities for users to create, practice, and present. Educational arts projects such as PMF and ballet seminars are held on the Outdoor Stage, Art Hall, and attract instructors and participants from abroad.

SAPPORO ART PARK is loved by all as a place to come to know art through seeing, experiencing, and creating, and to interact with others in a rich natural environment.


9:45 to 17:00 (Open until 17:30 during 6/1-8/31)
  • Admission to Sapporo Art Museum and Sapporo Sculpture Garden ends 30 minutes before closing time.
    Year-end and NewYear holidays(Dec.29 - Jan.3)
Open everyday during April 29 to November 3.
Closed on Monday during November 4 to April 28.
  • When a national holiday falls on Monday, the Art Park will open and close on next day, Tuesday.
  • The above are subject to change according to each facilities.


  • Admission to the park is free except for the following facilities:

  • Sapporo Sculpture Garden
    (including Sato Churyo Children’s Atelier in summer)

    (Group rates apply to groups of 20 or more adults.)
    Adults: 700 yen (group: 630 yen) Aged 65 or over: 560 yen (group: 500 yen)
    Free for junior high school students and younger
    Annual passport: 1,000 yen

  • Sapporo Art Museum
    Admission fees vary by exhibition(applicable to elementary school children and older).

    Money-saving common tickets are available for visitors also wishing to see the Sculpture Garden.



〈Public Transport〉
Get off the Namboku Subway Line at Makomanai Station. Take the Soranuma or Takino bus from Chuo Bus stop no. 2 and get off at Geijutsu no mori iriguchi or Geijutsu no mori Center.

For details and information on access by car, please see the ACCESS link below.

Approximately 650 accommodation. 500 yen for standard-sized cars and 1,200 yen for large cars. Six-ticket coupon for standard-sized cars : 1,500 yen
RENTAL FACILITY *Japanese only
Please refer to Art Park center management section(TEL +81-11-592-5111). For use of arts studios and print studio, please refer to craft studio(TEL +81-11-592-4122).

SAPPORO ART PARK Construction Project (1984 - 2014)

  • 1.Construction duration: 3 periods, 15 years (1984 - 1999)
  • 2.Total project cost: About 14.2 billion yen
  • 3.Planned area: About 40ha
  • 4.Planning method: Establish as a city park (special park)
  • 5.Open: July 27,1986
■1st period plan (1984 - 1987)
The first period plan focused on improving the quality of artistic and cultural activities, mainly hands-on creation and training. In a field that requires early preparation and promotion of facilities, we began the project in 1984 with the goal of promoting SAPPORO ART PARK and establishing facilities within it that fit with the natural environment of SAPPORO ART PARK more than with the city.

[First period achievements]

  • Constructed Sapporo sculpture garden, Sapporo Art Center, Craft Hall,Glass/ Ceramic Studio, Wood Crafts Studio, Nobori-gama, Sculpture studio, Atelier House (3 buildings) , Lodge, Art Hall
  • Dismantled and reconstructed the Takeo Arishima Residence
■2nd period plan (1988 - 1991)
The second period began in 1988 with the goal of expanding the range of SAPPORO ART PARK’s activities and continuing to prepare facilities that more citizens could use to expand their perspective on culture and the arts.

[Second period achievements]

  • Outdoor Stage construced, (June 1990 open). Sapporo Art Museum (September 1990 open).
    Print Studio (March 1992 open).
  • Sapporo sculpture garden expanded.
■3rd period plan (1992 - 1999)
In the third period, we revised the first and second periods for a final finish, constructed facilities based on citizen demands and the basic plan, and also worked to expand the functions of SAPPORO ART PARK based on actual use history.

[Third period achievements]

  • Sapporo sculpture garden expanded Dani Karavan: "Way to the hidden garden" (July 1999 open)
  • Craft Studio constructed (July 1998 open)
  • In-park road expanded (June 1994 completion)
  • Sapporo Art Museum archive expanded (March 1999 completion)
  • Art Park Center expanded (February 1997 completion)
  • Art Hall expanded (June 1995 completion)
  • Craft Hall storage expanded (January 1997 completion)
■From 2000 onward
  • Outdoor Stage renovated (March 2004 completion)
  • Sato Churyo Children's Atelier constructed (September 2008 open)
  • Glass Studio Closed (March 2014)